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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is now recognized as a causative factor for hormonal deficiencies associated with personality changes based upon changes in the molecular chemistry of the brain. Psychological, physiological, and physical manifestations like; depression, anxiety, mood swings, bouts of anger, memory loss, inability to concentrate, learning disabilities, sleep deprivation, increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, loss of libido, menstrual irregularities, pre-mature menopause, obesity, loss of lean body mass, muscular weakness, and a number of other medical conditions can all arise subsequent to head trauma.          

A common complaint in those diagnosed with PTS/PTSD who were put on one or more anti-depressants was that they were still depressed!!  That is because depression is one of the most common symptoms associated will poor levels of DHEA-s, Vitamin D, Testosterone, Estradiol, Growth Hormone and Thyroid.

Conventional medications (antidepressants, anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, anti-psychotic, and narcotics) do not address the underlying causes that create the symptoms associated with TBI (PTS/PCS) because they do not replenish the missing neurosteroids (brain hormones). Many individuals under conventional treatment become further dysfunctional from the over-load of medications used for treating the complaints and not the root cause. If you are receiving treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS/PTSD) subsequent to a physical injury that included the head, body or both, you might be missing the underlying inflammatory processes that alters your brain chemistry and hormones (Neurosteroids). 

The Millennium-Warrior Angels Foundation TBI Project History


Chapter 1: Traumatic Brain Injury - A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment


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The W100k Bike Ride 2016



Mr. President - George W. Bush

This past September, as a guest of  President Bush's W100k bike ride, I have another level of respect for our 43rd  president. As a guest, participant and observer I found this program to be overwhelming with the kindness and generosity that was shown to our Warrior Heroes and their guests by both President and Mrs. Laura Bush! We were invited to their home for a sit down dinner which was followed by Jay Leno and the choir from the Prairie Lane Church. Such a Phenomenal Evening. Andrew and I had the pleasure of sitting at a small table with President Bush's friend since age 6 - Michael. The stories were classified and the laughter abounding.      


Mr. President - George W. Bush

The First day's bike ride was a mear 12 miles but on the second day it was 30 miles of rough terrain, switch backs, jumps, and wet rocks. I took my fall too. That evening after soaking my kiester in the hotel jacuzzi I walked tall knowing that I had finished the 30 miles but with special pride for those heroes who carry an extra burden and had all finished before me.  Nonetheless, Andrew and I had our photos with the Bushs and then beyond belief were seated at his table with 5 of his other guests including; Joanna and Chip Gaines, and