It is our belief that in a TBI precipitated condition the initial symptoms are due to the physical damage to the brain itself.  It is during this initial phase that an array of inflammatory chemicals are produced that lead to secondary insults to the brains functioning. Part of the dysfunction that occurs is in the ability to regulate hormones produced by the Pituitary Gland.   Comprehensive laboratory testing can detect alterations in the production of important hormones. Therefore, our program is based upon:

  1. Detecting the hormones that are affected.
  2. Replenish those affected hormones to physiologic levels.
  3. Use safe bio-identical or bio-equivalent hormones.
  4. We work with experts to safely decrease or stop any medication that is masking the superficial symptoms. 
    - We are not Psychiatrists, a Sleep Center, Disability Assessors, or Miracle workers.
  5. Regain your trust in our ability, as physicians, to provide specific care for your condition and not just a band-aide. 

What our experience has shown us.

Within 3-6 months there is noted a significant improvement in :

  1. Depression, Anger, Anxiety, mood swings, confidence, memory, affect, Libido.
  2. Cognition improves as does intensity of mild to moderate dementia.
  3. Physical improvement - muscular strength.
  4. Weight loss.

Not everyone achieves benefits in this time-frame or all the benefits stated. In severe cases of TBI, improvement may take longer and recovery is slower. But looking at the options, the data offers hope of improvement since we are addressing the underlying "Stealth" condition that is ignored by conventional wisdom (treatments). 

The medical literature clearly identifies the conditions and symptoms that are associated with hormonal deficiencies and if these deficiencies are precipitated by TBI then it would make sense that replacement therapy needs to be tested before rejected.