Sorry we presently do not accept ANY Insurance.

Information Starts Here:

1: Fill out the Enrollment request form below.

2: We send out Enrollment Packets every 2 weeks. These go to our Military/Veterans/LEO/FD and California/Florida clients first.

3: Those in states without a Millennium-TBI Network provider will need to locate someone to prescribe any medication.

4: As we build the Network of certified TBI providers you will be able to select from the list.

5: Due to the overwhjelming number of applicants we are unable to project when you will be enrolled. I am sorry that more healthcare providers don't look at our results.

6: Also, due to the number of emails, questions, phone calls per week we are losing about 5 potential slots a week to enroll people. If you can wait until you are called to be enrolled.  

FYI: > What is included in the program (open).

FYI: > A letter of introduction to your physcian about our TBI Program.

FYI: > HIPPA RELEASE to share your case with your physician.


There is no fee to Enrollment in a Program or to fill-out a packet.  

 Please be patient and wait for your call.  Thank you for understanding.

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