Dr Gordon,

   I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been taking the Clomiphen citrate for three weeks now and I honestly feel great. My energy has returned, and the brain frog and depression are about 75% of what they used to be.  I can honestly say that this is the best I have felt in seven years. Anyhow, I just wanted to give you that feedback since my initial reaction to the supplements was negative. Thanks for the help.  Best  Tyler - (Veteran - March 23, 2018)

Dr. Gordon  

I had a spinal surgeon tell me to never run again, probably still sound advice, but I slow jogged about a mile with my kinds and dog without experiencing loss of feeling from the waist down. I was extremely stiff and experienced a high level of pain in the spine for about 12 hours, but was able to wake up with far less pain and stiffness than I expected and I went to a Yoga Class the next morning and ACED my MBA Exam in the evening.  I likely would have been immobile for one to two weeks and struggled to concentrate on my exam without this protocol.   Andrew S (Veteran 03/01/2018 )

Hi Dr. Gordon,

Very simply put, I have not felt this good for quite some time. I venture to say that certainly the last ten years has had me feeling as though I was losing something. In just this short time (2 weeks), it seems that I am back going the right direction. As we discussed when we met, the program that I am maintaining under your guidance doesn't make my problems or the challenges of life go away, nor is it what I expected. What it has done is allowed me to be more myself and carry a frame of mind and body that supports handling these challenges and problems in a way that is consistent with who I am, a positive, caring person who chooses to meet the difficulties of life head on with a smile. It's not difficult when life hands you victories, and I am lucky that I have had many and continue to. What is true is the old saying that Champions are not measured by how they handle their victories, but how they embrace and grow from defeats. I don't expect things to be difficult in the process of life, but sometimes they are.

What is not happening now that I feel like I'm going the right direction is that I am not adding to negatives with my physical and mental state, but handling them when they arise in a manner that I'm proud of. This comes from not feeling as fatigued, tired, worn out, and empty. I feel as though I'm filling up, bright, positive, smiling, and prepared. I also am enjoying exercising much more and the recovery process is not difficult as it has been. It's just been a few weeks, but I look forward to continuing on this path and certainly appreciate that you are guiding me on it. I know I have a ways to go and I am not where I want to be entirely, but my present improvement is helping to create an optimism that I have not felt for some time. I look forward to discussing the specifics of how each of the supplements, vitamins, and processes may be benefiting me and also look forward to my follow up to see what further recommendations you feel are appropriate for me.

Thank you very much and additional thank you to Erin for all her help.  DH 04-24-2012

Veterans Under Neurosteroid and Anti-Inflammation Protocol

M. Boyd (2017)

K. Flike (2017)

K. Franks (2016)

R. Louviere (2017)

A. Marr (2017)

J. Robinette (2016)

Dear Mark,

Our son was in a car accident August 13th of 2001.   He sustained a TBI and was unconscious for 4 days, woke up on the 5th day and he could walk, talk, remember who we were, brush his teeth and they sent him home with us.   For 12 very long years he has been treated for depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation through multiple Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Medical MD's.   Our son is at the end of his rope and states that he can NO LONGER live this way.   I have exhausted all resources here locally, in Omaha, Nebraska.    I am scared that I am going to lose him and I am hoping that you are willing and able to offer help.    

After 12 long years of watching our son struggle through life and now to see him smile and finally see hope in his eyes, there are no words to express my gratitude to you for sharing your experience and expertise with us. If there is anything that we can do to reach others who are struggling I am willing!  The message of hope is a powerful one and much needed especially for those diagnosed as "high functioning" TBI patients.   We found nothing in our searches for this group until we found you. Please let me know if there is an established group to reach out to or if you have suggestions for getting involved in helping to spread the word or in support of getting a grant for continued treatment and outreach.   I look forward to "Paying it forward"!  JLewis. 09/23/2013
April 16, 2012 Dr. Gordon,

This is Elizabeth C, Matts' mom.  I am emailing you in regards to how Matt has done since he was in your office last month (3/06/12).  After review of the laboratory test results you indicated that he was insufficient in his testosterone levels.  After further discussion you recommended a Testosterone Provocative test in which you gave him a 60mg injection of testosterone. While driving home to Anaheim California I noted within 2-3 hours that Matt was calmer and less argumentive and agitated. Since Matt lives in a facility away from home I was initially unaware that he was also noted to be less agitated and more open and communicative to people around him according to the administrative staff at the facility.  Overall, Matt really did well after the injection, he stated that he felt better and was able to think clearer.  I noticed that he was not as agitated and was easier to talk to as a person. He did not seem to want to argue with me as much.  People were able to be around him and he was not as agitated in a crowd. (He hated to go into crowds and he would get very frustrated).

I am starting to see him falling back into those old habits again. I was emailing Erin to find out what to do, but she advised me to contact you.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.  Elizabeth C.
 Dr. Gordon           

 I wanted to take a moment to share with you, any interested patients, and anyone considering your programs my personal story. As you know in July of 2004 after forty years of riding a motorcycle I experienced my first serious accident. As I was preparing my bike to take my annual cross country trip, on a test ride in the fast lane of the 101 freeway a car in the lane next to me drifted into my front wheel and front brake caliper. That one moment in time changed my whole life. I was catapulted into the air and landed thirty feet in front of where my bike stopped. I awoke some time later in the number one lane; my first thought was to get out of the flow of traffic. I slowly gathered my senses and realized I was surrounded by medics and a crowd of people. I suffered road rash, broken bones, required a right hip replacement and had internal bleed on the left side of my brain. The other injuries although requiring surgery seemed minimal compared to the emotional damage that accompanied my head injury. I developed memory loss, feelings of insecurity, paranoia, bouts of anger, anxiety, loss of well-being, depression, and a general decline in health. Additionally I had pain cycles that put me in a vicious struggle with pain medications. When I complained to the treating physician he said, it is a miracle that you’re alive.  I was referred to you by a long time friend who claimed significant improvement in his quality of life after being evaluated and started on your Interventional Endocrinology program. I want to thank him and you for my recovery.  After a special hormone panel you found that I needed replacement hormones. Since started my treatment, as you know, within a few days I felt an immediate change for the better. I now feel not only fully recovered but better than I have in years in all aspects of my life. I want to say the real miracle was when I started your program.  GC.         

 Dear Dr. Mark Gordon, 
I wanted to thank you and also share with your other patients and potential patients my story.  I had 5 head traumas with three of them causing loss of consciousness and one hospitalization.  had no immediate symptoms but over the years I began drinking to help me with a subtle and progressive change in my mental and emotional status.  began drinking heavily until I was about 36 when I crashed and  entered treatment for detoxification. After getting sober I was placed on an antidepressant that did not work. The doctors put me on one after another without helping my depression.  Finally they had me on three doses of one antidepressant that really did not take away my depression; I just managed.   When I came to see you , aside from the depression, mental and emotional instability I also had chronic pain in my right shoulder and a frozen left big toe (turf toe). After our consult you drew my blood and placed me on just 60mg of testosterone while we waited for the results of my labs.  You asked me to call you in a week. Two days later, while I was in my new orthopedists office I called you to tell you that I awoke that Thursday morning with no pain in my shoulder and my left first toe was moving. The orthopedist confirmed that he had seen similar responses in patients put on testosterone to correct a deficiency. When you received my lab results your full report clearly identified that I was significantly deficient in all forms of testosterone. You started me on a low dose regimen of weekly injections of Testosterone (self administered) and supportive supplements.  I started feeling great and my chronic depression, even thought I was on three medications, slowly improved. You sent me back to my psychiatrist who refused to take me off the medication. So, I found another psychiatrist who helped me get off the three medications.   I am presently off all prescription medications except those that you originally gave me. I have my life back and I'm feeling great and doing well in the financial industry. Thank you for your clear focus on Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) and hormonal deficiencies.  There is a great need for your knowledge to be shared with other doctors who understand the power of health hormone levels throughout life. JamesC.
Dear Dr. Mark L. Gordon,  
About a year ago you helped me with my husband, AJ, a Green Beret with severe PTSD and TBI stemming from his 6 combat tours.  The Army had initially refused to recognize his problems, and compounded his disease by punishing him, putting him through over a year of misery. I am happy to report that since you performed the specific laboratory testing and started him on the replenishment protocol he has improved significantly. The Army has been forced to at least acknowledge his PTSD and TBI. Though still active duty, he is home now, and continues to improve.  Since then, I have left the ER and have received additional training in hormonal replacement therapies. To pay the bills I have taken a "day job" as an independent contractor for the VA. This would have been an "easy job" except that the more I learn, the more frustrated I become; there is essentially nothing I can do to help the vets within the system!  I council them about nutrition but little else, because what I'd like to tell them would most likely cost me my job. A few I have seen outside the system, at no charge, because I couldn't stand to see them suffer.  My reason for writing today is twofold;  first, to thank you for your help with my husband. And  second, I would like to learn about how I could also become trained in your Interventional Endocrinology program and Traumatic Brain Injury. I have many colleagues who are interested in your program. Please keep me posted as to when the course will be given. Attached is a picture of my husband, overlooking the boarder of Afghanistan and Pakistan, at 8000 feet.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your help.


Mark, As our daughter (JH)  gets ready to start back to grad school this fall I can’t help but remember how you came to her rescue.  Bev and I were at the “end of our rope” physically and mentally in trying to get the proper care for her.  This included having visited several Docs working in the field of head trauma … and after about a year we had no progress to show for it.  I literally prayed to God the night before Keith and I talked on the phone when he passed along your invitation to get JH out to LA for an office visit … it must have been God’s timing because it was the day prior when you and Keith had lunch. We are getting ready to closely watch her cognitive response to the heavy workload of grad school.  She says she has been able to do some reading without her head going into pain….the question remains how her head will handle the volume and rigors of grad school.  We understand she is on some cognitive aminos (the perfect protocol) with you and we will encourage her to keep you posted as to how she is doing as she starts classes in mid-August.  Two years ago even the cadaver lab smells brought on cognitive pain when it wouldn’t have prior to the injury … and she loves anatomy J We have observed that you have followed the “science” of head trauma and use knowledge from clinical studies to treat your cases.  I would have thought the medical profession would follow your lead as you are fact based in your approach with both diagnoses and treatment.  I found it encouraging to know that you have some leaders from the medical community who support you and your efforts.  However, I recognize that you are blazing a new trail and it takes a special person to do that.  The one Neurologist in our area wants to follow Juli’s progress on your program!  We will be trying to get her an apt with him when she is here before grad school, just so she can explain in person all the positive changes since starting your protocol.  His name is Dr G. Peter Gliebus, a neurologist who is the director of the Alzheimers and cognitive disorders program at Capital Health Neurosciences in Pennington, NJ.  He got her the special MRI you wanted and was the Doctor most open to understanding her suffering. I just want you to know that if there is anything Beverly and I can do for you or your family please let me know.  I understand you have a daughter in the Philadelphia area and if there is any way we can be of help to her I would consider it a privilege to do so.  Mark, you have our hearts! Bryan and Beverly