Brain Care II - Data Sheet

A Program for Non-Patients Only

This is an optional treatment protocol that we have been working towards in the past few years.
We know that the cost for our unique program can be prohibitive so we took our results from the past 18 years of clinical evaluations under Translational Medicine and developed two superior products: Clear Mind & Energy(CME) (2017) and Brain Care II(BC2) (2019).

After five years of trials with CME we launched the product in Virginia with the SEALs. Now CME is known nationally and internationally for its benefits on the brain for clarity and mental energy. You can read the comments at 
Dynamic Health Products

Brain Care II was developed starting in 2015 after a review of our patients' results on a number of nutraceuticals, all natural. It made sense to combind the best of the best in a 6-component product. The application of this product reduced the numbers of capsules needed as well as dropped the over-all cost for the product.  Additionally, all of these products are in a nanoliposomal delivery vehicle to increase absorption and minimize destruction by stomach acid.   Please download a copy of our Brain Care II Data Sheet (2019.07).  

 Program Price $275.00 plus shipping (retail value $460.00).

(Program pricing is for the first 100 non-patient clients)

Participate in the FEED-BACK Program and get $100.00 towards subsequent orders of CME and BC2. 
No Foreign Sales. Shipping Not Included.


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