Thank you for your interest in learning about our diagnostic program and treatment for Symptomatic Traumatic Brain Injury.  Please click the link below to get a copy of the Enrollment Packet. At this time we have a very limited number of physicians in international location who have been trained in providing the Millennium Health Centers, protocol for laboratory testing, interpretation and treatment. We are hoping wiht your help to encourage other physicians or healthcare providers to learn our methodology.  

International Enrollment Packet (click)

Once you have downloaded this file, save it to your desktop. You will need Adobe on your computer to open and fill in the forms without printing it out. After filling it out, save it to your computer and then open an email and attach the packet and send to the indicated email address:  gordonmd@millenniumhealthcenters.com   Once we have a trained and certified physiciabn in your location will will notify you and then send the packet to them.  If you want to travel to Encino, California for an evaluation it takes about 2 - 3 weeks from initial blood draw to finding a date and time for the consult and start of your treatment protocol. Therefore, the need for a trained healthcare provider in your Country.