The New Rapid TBI Assessment Panel 2018


NOTICE: This program is by invitation ONLY after review of your Enrollment Documents. You will be called and notified.  

This panel IS NOT for wellness clients or legal cases. Acceptance into the RAP2017 Program is based upon review of your enrollment documents.  This program is limited to cases of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Also, the results of the RAP2017 testing may require additional laboratory testing which is not included.  

In our efforts to provide the highest quality in traumatic brain injury assessment and treatment, we are constantly looking at our biomarkers panel in an effort to identify the core tests that will enable us to assess and treat with the highest predictability in outcome. In the past 12 years, we have provided a robust neurosteroid (NS), neuroactive steroid (NAS) and biochemical assessment panel that has allowed us to improve upon the quality of life in 91% of the participants.  During this time, we have monitored each individual element of our original panel and have now isolated those elements that appear to be the most influential in our assessment and treatment process. 

 The cost for this Program will be $1,750.00, and includes the following:

1. New Patient Information packet (yours to fill out)
2. RAP2018 Laboratory Panel
Comprehensive Chemistry Panel.
4. PSA where indicated (above 40 years).
5. Blood draw at a walk-in draw center near you (Additional fee for a draw at your home/office or in our Encino Office).
6. A preliminary report.
7. An in Office, Skype or Phone Call of 45min to review the results and address a proposed treatment Protocol. Your supplements and any medication will be discussed. Out of State patients must have prescription medication provided by your in-state physician. 
8. A 50-60 paged Patient’s Handbook with a copy of the raw lab results and final report.

If you are interested in this program fill out the intake form below, submit it and then you will be directed to the RAP2018 Document to fill out and send to ClientLiaison@millenniumhealthcenters.com.  Once it is reviewed and accepted you will be contacted to arrange laboratory testing. 

All the best


Mark L. Gordon, MD
Medical Director,

Millennium-TBI Project.

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