1. Fill out the ENROLLMENT REQUEST form below. Press the SUBMIT button at the bottom.  
2. Your request will be sent to our office and an Enrollment Packet will be sent to your email.  
3. Once you complete and return the Enrollment Packet, it will be reviewed prior to acceptance into our program.  If you have marked Urgent we will push to start you as soon as we call you.  
4. Once accepted into the program you will be called and arrangements will be made to have your Blood Draw request sent into the laboratory. Only after you are enrolled in the program will your credit card be charged.    
5. At this point, the laboratory will take over and send you a blood draw kit, a list of locations to take the kit, and some basic instructions.  An additional $35.00 will get a phlebotomist to go to your home or office.     
IMPORTANT: Only have your blood drawn on a Monday thru Thursday and no FOOD for 12 hours, but drink water (keep hydrated).  
6. Once blood is drawn it can take from 1-2 weeks to get the results and then 2-3 weeks for a comprehensive 4-paged report to be written and sent to you by email (that is 3-5 weeks). 
7. When the doctor writes the report it is sent to you with instructions to arrange with the office (818) 990-1166  a Skype or In-Office review of your lab results and to discuss a treatment protocol.  
8. There is no additional fee for this consultation which can last from 45-60 minutes.  At the end of this consultation you get a 60-65 paged handbook sent to you and the option to have your protocol kit sent to you from our office.
9. If you live outside of California/Florida we will need your Healthcare Provider to prescribe any prescription medication until we have one of our trained physicians in your area. Make a clear note of this please to avoid frustration and a limited treatment protocol.   


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