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Clear Mind and Energy is a 100% natural supplement with an array of agents where each has been recognized as being able to improve brain functioning (Nootropic) and to be brain protecting. The initial Price for the Clear Mind and Energy (120ml) will be $35.95 (Sales Tax and shippping will be added where applicable) and only available within the continential United States. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship you your order. Also, all credit card information will be destroyed after payment is received by the card company. No foreign sales are available at this time.  
Instructions for use:
In the morning, before food, take one level teaspoon or less into the mouth. Swish around for 30 seconds making sure that the solution coats your inner cheeks, then swollow.
Wait for 15 minutes before drinking or eating.  May repeat if necessary after 8-12 hours.  

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Order your Clear Mind & Energy

 Clear Mind & Energy is dispensed in a squeeze bottle containing 120cc (3-5cc a serving). The average dose is one teaspoon first thing in the morning. Place in your mouth and swish it around for 30 seconds and then swollow. Wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking anything.  Purchase Discount Codes are only available on 3 or less units.

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