Fatigue is the most common symptom associated with Traumatic brain injury (TBI)1. It is also a common complaint of those of us with a very active lifestyle. Since the brain is in control of the body, having a diminished mental capacity in terms of "energy" will lead to rapid generalized fatigue. 
In the past 36 months, the Millennium Health Centers and Dynamic Health Products (Alison M. Gordon, NMD)  have worked together with our experts in liposomal nutritional supplements to develop another 100% natural, Non-GMO, Non-Gluten product without artificial flavors or coloring - Clear Mind & Energy(CME)®.  We have tested the different renditions of the product on both veterans and civilians for their feedback on effectiveness, duration and side-effects.  The product worked within 20-30 minutes, and lasted from 5 - 12 hours with out a "crash".  Repetitive use was without side-effects, but the initial rush was less but the benefits continued. 
The longest running testing of CME has been with my daughter Erin F. Gordon, MD who was in her 2nd year of residency in Pennsylvania when she started testing CME.    She was able to sleep as little as 3 hours and work unimpeded for 12 hours with only 3cc of CME(standard dosing is 5cc, a teaspoon).  She started sharing "the Goo" with her fellow residents who responded in a similar fashion.  At that point we knew that the composition was ideal and contains no banned products. 

Clear Mind & Energy™, contains Guarana, Maca, Methylcobolamin, Hesperidin, Rhodiola Rosea, and Green Tea extract all in our proprietary liposomal delivery system. This liposomal system is what makes our line-up of other products so effective; Secretropin, Dynatropin, TBI Defense, and now Clear Mind & Energy

Finally, as with our newly released DynaTropin , proceeds from Clear Mind & Energy will be used to provide medical care for our Veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury with or without PTSD. 
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