In May 2019, we began a program using Clear Mind & Energy (CME) and Brain Care II (BC2), as the only products to address those clients with symptomatic Traumatic Brain Injury. Understanding that Brain Care II contains 6 key natural components that each decreases inflammation while Clear Mind & Energy contains another 6 key natural components that deal with energy and the reduction of inflammation. There is only one component common to both products - EGCG.  It is our goal to beable to utilize these two products as the foundation for helping those with TBI, Concussions, CTE, and other neuroinflammatory conditions.  In the past three months, we have received patient documents showing a 50 - 70% improvement with the combination of BC2 and CME.   
   Our plan is to make these two products available to the general public without laboratory blood testing during a 3 months pilot program.  If during the initial 3 months of product use the client has improvement then the need for the laboratory testing is not mandatory, but is highly suggested.  If the client does not achieve a significant improvement within those 3 months, it is highly recommended that the client becomes a patient of the Millennium Neuro-Regenerative Centers of Encino. 

   Clear Mind & Energy™, contains Guarana, Maca, Methylcobolamin, Hesperidin, Rhodiola Rosea, and Green Tea extract all in our proprietary liposomal delivery system. This liposomal system is what makes our line-up of other products so effective; Secretropin, Dynatropin,  and now Clear Mind & Energy
    Brain Care II ™ contains Docosahexaenoic acid, Gamma-Tocopherol, N-acetyl cysteine, Quercetin, Ascorbyl palmitate , Green Tea extract all in our proprietary liposomal delivery system.

Product/Units/3 months


Product/Units/3 Months


Clear Mind & Energy

One teaspoon (5ml) upon arising. Swish around your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.

Brain Care II

For the FIRST 2 Weeks, one teaspoon before breakfast and dinner and then one tespoon before breakfast.

4 Bottles (96 servings)


4 Bottles (120 Servings)

Package Pricing $275.00 plus shipping (a $460 value)for the first 100 clients. Must not be an established patient.

Must provide monthly program reports.

You will be sent 4 bottles of Clear Mind & Energy and 4 bottles of Brain Care II with instructions.