The Millennium Health Centers, Millennium Health Group, and Millennium TBI, are medical physicians practicing medicine and not law. Due to the unique nature of the services we provide, we are called upon by both defense and plaintiffs.

TBI Defense

Thank you for submitting your Patient Intake Form.  Due to the number of new patients the time between filing your NPIP and starting treatment is between 2-4 weeks.
What can you expect after submitting the INTAKE Form and NPIP?
Once both these documents are recieved your case will be reviewed for enrollment.  We would like to accept every patient that contacts us but we unfortunately have some limitations. Therefore, your documents will be reviewed by our physician, Dr. Mark L. Gordon,  prior to being contacted by this office.     
Common Questions about our program:

A: Traumatic Brain Injury Program:   The cost for the TBI program until December 31, 2016 is $1,750.00 and on January 1, 2017 is $2,500.00 and includes biphasic hormone testing, blood chemistry, a CBC, patient handbook with diagnosis and treatment plan, and physican consult with review of labs in office, on phone, or by Skype (60mins). This fee does not include any medication or supplements. 

B: Veterans and Law Enforcement Program: Veterans and active Military need to contact WAF directly at They will enroll you in our program and pay for your initial evaluation and treatment and subsequent services. We do not have donations or funding for Law Enforcement (yet) but we do have a reduced fee program.
C: Indicating "Urgent":  If you checked off the URGENT option on your Intake Form we are expecting that you want to become a patient immediately. You will have 3 days to submit your completed NPIP otherwise someone else will take this limited slot.   
D: Litigated Cases:  If your Traumatic Brain Injury includes a second or thord party liability issue to be determined in a court of law, you will need to fill out a Waiver of Subpoena prior to your case being reviewed for acceptance.
E: Insurance:  We do not accept insurance for our services, and can only give you an office receipt. We do not get involved with any insurance companies in your behalf. This is too costly and we do not have an Insurance Department. 

F: Financial Assistance:  Veterans/Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Department - Some full and partial funding programs are available based upon the generocity of our friends of the practice.  In the near future we will have an interest free 3 month payment program. 
G: Treatment ResultsThere are no ways to predict when you will see results nor the quality of results that you might achieve. This is due to the fact that there are many factors that influence your treatment outcome; nature of injury, age, gender, time from injury, treatment received and many unknowns.  Fortunately, we see a 50 - 70% improvement in over-all status within 3 months in patients with mild to moderate TBI (mTBI).  Look at some of the Testimonials and media exposure that we have had in the past.



Length of Treatment:If your injury has caused your brain to stop producing hormones then you will need to be on a life long regimen of treatment.

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